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The Knights De Soir/Twilight Knightie mailing list has recently been formed, click on the link below to join. Chat time and location to be announced

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Knights_De_Soir List The Knights De Soir aka Twilight Knighties. Created for fans of the thrice Gemini nominated series Forever Knight. This list focuses on its tarnished hero, Nick Knight; A thirteenth century crusader, turned vampire, now trying "to repay society for his sins" as a modern day police officer. Whether you prefer Nick indulging his dark side, his light, or somewhere in the twilight...this list is for you. All factions welcome. Additional topics: fanfic, the show in general, nick in relation to other charectors, the cast(especially GWD)in fk or other roles. Rating Pg-13, Please label all adult material appropriatly
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