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Twilight Knighties

Somewhere between dark and bright there is...twilight

More information coming soon
The Twilight Knighties are one of many groups created in honor and celebration of the phenominon that is Forever Knight. Over the years those who watch the show have linked up and become something of a family. In the early days of fandom many fans decided they prefered one charector over another and playfully became supporters of that charector, hense the factions were born.

The factions, or affiliations as many people prefer to call them have changed over time. In some ways the explosion of different groups and viewpoints has been wonderful, in others it has taken away from the core of what we are.

When I first got online, three years ago, I was astounded to find so many other people who were intrigued by this thought-provoking show and its talented cast. I looked at the then primary existing affiliations. Found the information on how they started out and what they have grown into.

My favorite is Nicholas Knight, this former knight-vampire-modern day knight is among the most facinating charectors I have ever encountered. It is the very contradictions and juxtapositions of his nature that make him so special. Nick is a tarnished hero. A man who in his search to rejoin the human race and atone for his past transgressions, does not see what a wonderful and special human being he already is.

We are the Twilight Knighties, those who enjoy Nick in all his many facets. We believe that feeling human is more important then being human and that Lacriox's type of vampire is not the only choice.

We are not opposed to his quest for mortality but feel Nick will find true happinness when he accepts himself as both vampire and man as an integrated whole.

The Knights De Soir is a mailing list open to all, you do not have to be a Twilight Knightie to join